About Us

Van Now is driven by one very straightforward idea: Why search when you can find?

From our experience it seemed that when you go to a site and look for a van you didn’t always get the most accurate results. And we thought that must annoy the hell out of you when your time is so precious.

And as a bunch of people we always like to ask, ‘Why not?’. So we asked what if there was a sharper way to find exactly the van you need. When you need it. Not just a search engine, but a no messing, straightforward find engine.

So welcome to Van Now. It’s been built totally around you and your needs when it comes to finding the right van for the job. To make that possible, we’ve teamed up with the very best specialist dealers who share our passion for making everything as quick and easy and as bang-on as possible for you. And with the combined stock of vehicles they have we can offer you an unbelievable choice covering every type of van and every type of business. To help you even more, they can take care of everything from finance to delivery.

We simply want Van Now to be the favourite find engine for vans by delivering the sharpest results. Because we know that speed can never ever be at the cost of what we do best: delivering the best van search matches around.

And ultimately, we always want to be the champion of used vans here to keep business moving. We get vans – and the people who rely on them – better than anyone. It’s all we focus on, day in, day out. Every single day we will stand in your shoes so that we understand your world and your challenges. That’s how we’ll stay in tune with you.

So let’s talk. Let’s do business. And Let’s Crack On.

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