5 large vans for tradies in 2021

large vans for tradies

You’re not messing around – you need volume. Or, you need payload. Or, you need both. There can’t be any compromises, your van is a working tool and you can’t risk it not being up to the job.

So, when it comes to large vans, what’s around? There’s a fair bit of choice on the used market, so let’s take a look at 5 popular large vans for tradies.

Ford Transit 

It’s bound to feature on the list. It’s the ‘Hoover’ of vans and its position as market leader means that there is ‘loads’ of choice when you’re looking for a used one. Lots of combinations of load length, height and payload but, for example the L2 version can carry over 1400kgs and its internal length of 3 metres means that you’re far less likely to have to put loads on the roof. Easy to get maintained too, all your local van workshops will be familiar with a Tranny.

Mercedes Sprinter 

Great when it comes to volume as there are some seriously big ones out there. Check out the L4, with its colossal 4.8 metre load bed. It’s not class leading on payload but if volume is your bag, it’s worthy of some serious consideration. Plenty around, too – all those parcel companies can’t be wrong and, let’s face it, that three pointed star does have an attraction compared to some other badges (a tip – if Sprinter is floating your boat, also look at the Volkswagen Crafter – although later versions are unique, earlier ones are very similar to Sprinter, and could be cheaper…).

Vauxhall Movano 

It’s not perhaps the sexiest large van out there, but if you need payload, look no further than the Vauxhall Movano. You can get a whopping 1600kgs in some versions. They’re very well priced too and, as it’s very similar to the Renault Master you’ll have no problems getting someone to maintain it for you, with lots of cheap service parts available.

Peugeot Boxer / Citroen Relay 

As they’re pretty much identical, we’re going to lump the Boxer and Relay together. These French siblings are a really popular choice for tradies due to their no-nonsense approach. You’re not likely to find one with flashy alloy wheels or in a cool metallic paint finish but, what you will find is a van which will be in its element at the builders merchants picking up bags of sand, or on a housing development with a joiner’s or plasterer’s tools (and goods) of the trade in the back. A great workhorse which is unlikely to let you down.

Fiat Ducato 

Another large van which when it arrived on the market just got on with the job. Good, no-nonsense choice with high payloads and low running costs. Even better, you can bag a real bargain. And, although they are very similar to the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay, the Fiat engines are unique to the Ducato and have a very good reputation…  

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