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Electric Van

It seems like the choice of fully electric vans is increasing almost by the day with the majority of manufacturers either already offering them for sale, or having new models in the pipeline for launch at a later date. Let’s take a look at what you can buy with our guide to some of the electric vans on the market now.

Renault Zoe 

Only launched recently, the Renault Zoe van is the smallest electric van on the market, and it makes no secret that it is closely derived from the car version of the same name. What it lacks in size it makes up for in range, with an amazing 245 miles possible between charges.

Nissan e-NV200 

Having been available since 2012, the Nissan e-NV200 has gained a loyal following, particularly amongst fleets, and, because of this it’s one of the few electric vans you can find on the used market. The latest versions benefit from a revised drivetrain, and with a 705kg payload, an official range of 124 miles and a 7.5 hour charge time it’s worthy of consideration. It’ll even do 0-60mph in 14 seconds.

MAXUS eDeliver 3

Not too dissimilar in size is the MAXUS eDeliver 3. It’s a striking looking van from China but might be the Marmite of the E-Van world! It looks to be good value for money though and is available in two body lengths. A range of 151 miles is quoted with the larger battery option, and it’ll win a traffic light grand prix against the Nissan with its sporty 0-62 mph time of just 11 seconds. 

Vauxhall Vivaro-e / Peugeot Expert-e / Citroen Despatch-e 

A great all-round electric van is the Vauxhall Vivaro-e, Peugeot Expert-e and Citroen Despatch-e (all pretty much the same van). Why? Simply because it’s a full sized ‘medium’ van, it can carry up to 1226kgs, and crucially, has a class leading official range between charges of 206 miles. Add to that some great tech and a refined cab, plus, a fast charge option taking it to 80% of battery capacity in just 30 minutes and it’s really hard to think of an argument against it. Relatively speaking, it’s not expensive either.

Fiat E-Ducato 

Need something bigger? How about the Fiat E-Ducato? It’s got a whopping 17 cubic meters of space in the back and a payload of well over 1 tonne. Range isn’t too shabby either, especially considering its size, with 148 miles on offer (officially) between charges. As with all electric vans, don’t expect to get anywhere near these quoted maximum ranges if you’re carrying a full load.

MAXUS eDeliver 9

As Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Volkswagen have yet to fully market their large electric vans, its back to China for our final contender and the MAXUS eDeliver 9. Looking remarkably similar to another, very popular large van, it’s available in two wheelbases, both of which carry over a tonne. There’s lots of tech with cruise control, air conditioning and parking sensors fitted as standard. With an excellent official range of up to 185 miles it’ll fully charge in as little as 6 hours (both figures depend on the battery specified).

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